Chess Playmat - portable chess board

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Chess Playmat - Portable Chess Board 


Txarli Factory board games


A game mat made of neoprene with heavy-duty stitching all over the edges. This high-quality neoprene has significant advantages over regular boards.

Chess Playmat / portable chess board

  • Size: 60,5x60,5 cm.
  • Square size: 6x6 cm.
  • 2,5 mm thickness neoprene
  • Water resistant.
  • Provides padding for falling pieces.
  • Easy transport, the material bends but doesn't get marks.
  • Stitched edges to prevent ripping and weathering.

The measurements of the playmats may differ 1-2 cm from what was shown in photos. The printing colors may differ a little because is impossible replicate the same colors in an absorbent material.


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