Blank Bases 2.0 (Square)

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This pack contains these 23x STL FILES:

  • 20x20mm base.
  • 25x25mm base.
  • 24x50mm base (GW Cavalry).
  • 25x50mm base.
  • 30x30mm base.
  • 30x60mm base.
  • 39,5x39,5mm base (GW Monster).
  • 40x40mm base.
  • 40x60mm base.
  • 40x120mm base.
  • 48x99mm base (GW Chariot).
  • 50x100mm base.
  • 50x50mm base.
  • 50x75mm base.
  • 60x60mm base.
  • 60x90mm base.
  • 60x100mm base.
  • 60x120mm base.
  • 65x80mm base (Ark of Souls).
  • 75x75mm base.
  • 80x120mm base.
  • 100x100mm base.
  • 100x150mm base.

All bases have been designed to hold 5x2mm magnets.

FDM friendly: These files have been optimized so that there is no need to use supports on them.

These bases are compatible with our product "Movement Trays 2.0 Square".

These files are for personal use. If you want to acquire a commercial license, please contact us at the following email: