Blank Bases 2.0 Square (Commercial License)

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This commercial license is for life.

This commercial license allows you to sell prints of the following items:

23x items:

  • 20x20mm base.
  • 25x25mm base.
  • 24x50mm base (GW Cavalry).
  • 25x50mm base.
  • 30x30mm base.
  • 30x60mm base.
  • 39,5x39,5mm base (GW Monster).
  • 40x40mm base.
  • 40x60mm base.
  • 40x120mm base.
  • 48x99mm base (GW Chariot).
  • 50x100mm base.
  • 50x50mm base.
  • 50x75mm base.
  • 60x60mm base.
  • 60x90mm base.
  • 60x100mm base.
  • 60x120mm base.
  • 65x80mm base (Ark of Souls).
  • 75x75mm base.
  • 80x120mm base.
  • 100x100mm base.
  • 100x150mm base.

All files are included when purchasing this license.

All bases have been designed to hold 5x2mm magnets.

FDM friendly: These files have been optimized so that there is no need to use supports on them.

These bases are compatible with our product "Movement Trays 2.0 Square".