Rat chieftain & Rat ogre

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This pack contains:

Rat ogre:

  • 2x Head (Standard & Fantasy Football)
  • 1x Body
  • 1x Legs
  • 2x Arms
  • 1x Tail
  • 2x mutation set

Rat chieftain:

  • 1x Head
  • 1x Body
  • 1x Legs
  • 2x Left arm (hand weapon & halberd)
  • 2x Right arm (hand weapon & chain)
  • 1x Tail

3x Plastic base:

  • 40mm square base
  • 40mm round base
  • 32mm round base


Miniature is casted in hight quality resin, featuring fine detail and easy to paint. The miniature is delivered unassembled and unpainted. It is recommended to wash the resin before painting the model.